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LOTE 33:

Creation of Eve second half of the 17th century

Precio inicial:

Creation of Eve second half of the 17th century
second half of the 17th century
Technique: oil painting on canvas
Dimensions: 67 x 118 cm

The canvas depicts the Creation of Eve described in the book of Genesis 2,21-25. In the garden of Eden, represented with a mountainous and tree-lined landscape, God creates Eve by a gesture of blessing from Adam's side. God is wrapped in a large cloak, while Adam and Eve are naked. The painting, due to its style  characteristics can be attributed to a Flemish painter active in Italy. Fast and spotty brushstrokes suggest a style inspired by the great Nordic masters who spent time in Italy, Rubens and Anthony Van Dyck, while the landscape is typically Italian but translated into a Nordic key.

State conservation: good, the observation with ultraviolet rays reveals color retouches distributed almost everywhere.