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Philippe Wouwermann (Haarlem 1619-1668), Oil paintinging on canvas depicting two figures on horseback. Cm 57x76. ...

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Philippe Wouwermann (Haarlem 1619-1668), Oil paintinging on canvas depicting two figures on horseback. Cm 57x76. Philippe Wouwerman, son of the painter Paul Joosten Wouwermann, grew up in a family of painters as also his brothers Jean and Peter were. Known as a genre painter he devoted himself to the landscape in the wake of Van de Laer who was a painter who had been in Italy and executed paintings of Italianate landscapes. Wouwerman's works are depictions of everyday life, peasant falls in the tradition of bamboccianti. He lived mostly in his hometown of Haarlem immersed in the artistic influences of his time drawing but personalizing facilitated by a fast and agile ability to run stroke that allowed him a wide and substantial production. His depictions of horses are famous and very well known is to make it popular and it must be considered one of the greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age. This work is characterized by a composition where the light effect is given by a single contrast giving a colorful damped, The low point of view carries a compositional diagonal that is characteristic and frequent. The palette is dominated by brown color with details that stand out for their liveliness such as red drape on the back of the horse or the red dress of the figure on horseback. The tower at the top and nuanced landscape in the distance give an Italianate tone in the manner of Van de Laer. The sharp contrast between the brown and light colors of the sky in shades of gray silver give a depth yield. The monogram P H W slightly discolored at the bottom right and notes listed on argue in favor of a certain paternity Phillippe Wouwermann. His works are on the RijksMuseum Amsterdam, the National Gallery in London, all'Ermotage St. Petersburg and above, with a remarkable collection, the Museum of Dresden. ASORStudio