Auction 3 Antiques and Fine Art: Colonial & Sacred Art
Apr 29, 2021
Carrer d'Aribau, 123, 08036 Barcelona., Spain

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LOT 244:

Attributed to José de Arce (Flanders, around 1600-Seville, 1666). Saint Henry.

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$ 10,000
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Attributed to José de Arce (Flanders, around 1600-Seville, 1666). Saint Henry.
Attributed to José de Arce (Flanders, around 1600-Seville, 1666) Saint Henry. Carved and polychrome wood sculpture. The saint is represented with a crown and scepter, remembering that he was emperor. 98 x 54 x 36 cm. With faults. José de Arce seems to have come from the County of Brabant. A sculptor of great merit and accredited fame, his work represents the triumph of baroque aesthetics, whose formative roots must be found in the Italian Bernini and especially in Rubens. And for Sevillian art he supposes the penetration of the formulas of full baroqueism, opposed to the art of Alonso Cano, marked by the Mannerist-Baroque conjunction. He makes figures with a pronounced personality, which show the characters of each one, associated with a temperament (phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine, nervous) and with a gesture of hands and bodies and movement of their clothing that personalizes them, while expressing themselves through a naturalistic language and close to the viewer. They respond to physical models of men from the North, stout, with large noses and mustaches that hide the upper lip, with thick beards and long hair blown by the wind; definitively baroque traits in which both Italian echoes from Bernini and Flemish ones derived from his countryman François Duquesnoy are reflected.