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FRANCIS DE SALES: (1567-1622) Saint of the Catholic Church. Bishop of Geneva. Known for his writings such as the ...

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FRANCIS DE SALES: (1567-1622) Saint of the Catholic Church. Bishop of Geneva. Known for his writings such as the Introduction to the Devout Life and the Treatise on the Love of God. St. Francis de Sales has been styled ''the Gentleman Saint'' because of his patience and gentleness. Pope Pius XI proclaimed him a patron of writers and journalists, because he made extensive use of broadsheets and books. Very rare A.L., one page, 4to, April 1617, to Madame de La Fléchere, in French. Francis of Sales sends a letter reporting on different matters, the difficulties of a marriage and about the grace of death. Francis de Sales states in part `Il faut bien pourtant, ma tres chere Fille, vous répondre un mot. J´ai dit louange en mon Coeur a la Providence celeste sur le trépas de la pauvre Gavent; ce lui a été une grace spéciale de partir de ce monde, puisqu´elle y courait tant de hazard de s´y perdre. Vous avez fort bien traité avec Madame la Comtesse [La Comtesse de Tournon] pour le cousin, [Mr. de Charmoisy] et pour moi. Certes, je ne pense pas que le cousin ne se soit fort bien comporté en cette occasion…. Mais il faut avoir un peu de patience.´ (''It is necessary however, my very dear Daughter, that I respond to you a word. I said praise in my Heart to Celestial Providence on the death of poor Gavent; it was a special grace to her to leave this world, since she ran so much risk of getting lost there. You treated very well with Madame la Comtesse [La Comtesse de Tournon] for the cousin, [Mr. de Charmoisy] and for me. Certainly, I do not think that the cousin did not behave very well on this occasion…. but we must have a little patience.'') Further commenting about the marriage, also about the confession of Madame Philiberte de Beaufort, widow of Count of Tournon. Francis de Sales forwards his blessings and concludes `Mr. de Torens [Bernard de Sales, Baron of Thorens] is not here. Our mother [referring to the mother of Jane Frances de Chantal] very ill, and has taken her medicine. God bless you my dear daughter. Amen.´ A lengthy letter with good association content. Very small area of paper loss to the bottom edge not affecting the text, with two extremely small holes. Edges very slightly uneven. Addressed to the verso. G Jane Frances de Chantal (1572-1641) Catholic saint. Founder of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary. The order was the first to accept women who were rejected by other orders because of poor health or age.