Subastas Fígaro

Calle de Sta. Ana, nº34, 41002 Sevilla (Spain)

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Fígaro Auctions, your online auction house, was born from the initiative and entrepreneurial spirit of professionals from the world of Art, Antiques, Jewelry, Watches and Collectibles in general, to respond and facilitate the growing demand from collectors and fans of online auctions . Fígaro Online Auctions, has a wide range of professionals, direct collaborators or associates, in the areas of Art, Antiques, Watches, Jewels and Collectibles and restorations of all kinds of works.

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(+34) 954 22 19 99
(+34) 954 22 04 47

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Subastas Fígaro - Auction 2

May 13, 2021

Subastas Fígaro - Auction 1

Apr 14, 2021
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