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Calle Mossén José Estellés nº3, Massarrojos, València

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Get to Know Soca Bio Art 

What are two PhDs in Biology doing by creating a space as SocaBio-Art? 

Sharing with you our vision to life like an art. Carles is a physical anthropologist and knows very well how the art has modified us like species. Sogol is botanist and knows very well how the colours and the shapes define the life like an expression. 

In our view, human was more became as a human that ever when he was able to make the revolution the essence. We are not living in the Renaissance anymore, but now we can enjoy a time in which it is possible to create more and better and to share your creations. 

Just this is the meaning of Soca Bio-Art, the place which is our meeting point to encounter all together in the world of art, the window which through it, the artists with the same viewpoints as us are able to offer their artworks. 

Enter, enjoy, be ART

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(+34) 691 558 815

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