Bova Auction house

Corso Alberto Amedeo 76 – 90121 – Palermo (PA)

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Bova Antiquities

Bova Giuseppe, lover of art and beauty, has been operating for over 30 years in the antiques sector in the heart of ancient Palermo , in the Papireto district, the cradle and repository of Sicily's artistic past, rich in memories and values.

Giuseppe Bova, among the greatest exponents of antiques in Palermo , therefore decided to continue operating in the traditional headquarters of Corso Alberto Amedeo (at number 76) in Palermo, where Sicilian majolica from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries can be found , Italian and European furniture from the 17th century, silver , paintings , prints, objects , wooden frames, torches, Italian and French porcelain , and much more ... all harmoniously gathered in a refined and welcoming environment.

At the art gallery Antichità Bova Giuseppe we personally follow each piece of antiques proposed, from purchase to sale, taking care of cleaning and / or restoration, guaranteeing their originality.

The Antichità Bova Giuseppe company with its great experience as skilled restorers is able to repair and protect the artefacts from degradation, maintaining the original structure of the furniture bringing it back to its former glory. Precisely because the tradition of Bova restorers is great , a specific sector of the company deals with making appraisals and estimates, even at home, developing estimates on the restoration.

Given that knowledge of wood and its processing implies the correct use of tools and in-depth study for its conservation and finishing, it is crucial to know how to use the right maintenance and restoration techniques while safeguarding its original patina in the best way without creating no alteration.

The Antichità Bova Giuseppe company makes use of skilled restorers who intervene where the artefact has missing or damaged parts to be replaced or glued.

In the restoration laboratories, therefore, lacquered parts are created, the artifacts are painted using ancient criteria, gilding is carried out, antique-style artifacts are reproduced on request.

If you want to know the value of objects you own, Antichità Bova also provides an evaluation service by which the asset is assigned a minimum and a maximum value, which represent the price range with which the object could be presented to an auction sale. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to get the best sales result.

Antichità Bova Giuseppe provides the drafting service of appraisals and inventories for various purposes, such as: insurance premiums, inheritance divisions, private sales, certificates of authenticity, etc ...

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