Subasta 6 ASTAQUEEN Modern & contemporary art

Jueves, 28.1.21, 15:30 (Su hora local)
 via Stampa Soncino, 7 21047 Saronno (Va)

You will find well-known and established artists, many new names for the "general public", but already known and appreciated by professionals.

Artists who have made the history of art with really attractive prices, international artists who will fully enter the art literature and beyond.

In addition to Roberto Crippa, Davide Nido, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Hsiao Chin, Man Ray, Marco Lodola, Mimmo Rotella, note Peter Hide and Angus Fairhurst.

And then, if you want to try to feel like us, not only QUEEN but also a little DRAG, keep an eye on Paul Kaiju!

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